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PRESS RELEASE: Iron City Executives Prepare for Fiber Optics Growth

PITTSBURGH, PA – Fiber optics technology is continuing to advance rapidly. For the team at Iron City Executives, an interactive marketing firm representing a national telecommunications brand, this is exciting news for upcoming growth.

Iron City Executives’ president recently commented on the impact of fiber optics technology on the marketplace. “Over the last year, there have been significant advancements in fiber optics cables in order to improve speed,” she said. “Recently, they’ve been improved so that light flows through them in a spiral pattern versus a straight line, thus increasing data flow.”

“Most people do not consider the role that fiber optics plays in their daily lives,” the president explained. “However, if you use the Internet, you are relying on the stability of these cables to transmit information. As more people come online around the world, there’s a lot more stress and strain on the bandwidth. This can lead to performance issues for users.”

Video streaming has become one of the key factors in bandwidth requirements. “Every time you log on to social media or the Internet, a video pops up and begins to play. Consider billions of users having the same experience,” noted the president. “In this industry, the ability to offer faster, more reliable Internet service is especially good news for the brand’s growth, as well as ours.”

Iron City Executives President Announces Team Expansion

With anticipated telecommunications industry growth, the president indicated that the Iron City Executives’ team is poised to add more sales and marketing professionals to the team in the coming months. “We’re elated about this opportunity,” she said. “As we foresee more need for our interactive marketing abilities, we’ll need to have well-trained brand ambassadors who are properly qualified to promote these services.”

The president described the ideal candidate for this position. “Educated, young professionals who are motivated to grow and succeed top our lists of potential team members,” she cited. “Experience is not a prerequisite as we train our team members on the intricacies of our unique marketing methodology. However, a willingness to learn and an ability to connect with others is needed.”

“As fiber optic capabilities continue to improve, and the necessity to have a good telecommunications service provider grows as well, this is a prime industry to join,” she noted. “Add in that interactive marketing is the future of advertising, and there’s no better place to launch an illustrious career than with us.”

For more information on joining the team, visit their website.