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Iron City Executives Discusses Outsource Networks

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to develop a network of professionals whose services and expertise you can count on as you grow your enterprise. If you don’t already have these individuals in your outsource contact list, our Iron City Executives team recommends that you research and find individuals you can rely on:

  • Accountants: You’ll definitely need to retain a CPA at tax time. However, accounting services can be valuable throughout the year. An accountant can review your overall financial picture and provide you with solid advice to help you save more and structure your business better in order minimize tax burdens. Look specifically for accountants who specialize in small business.
  • Lawyers: It’s essential to have a good lawyer that you can turn to for legal advice on structuring your company, as well as representation in the event that you ever need to go to court. Ask for recommendations from other business owners that you trust.
  • Marketing, PR, and Web Design: Unless you have a large budget to accommodate an in-house marketing team or you have continual needs to advertise, these services are best outsourced. For occasional marketing, PR, and graphic design needs such as writing press releases or creating promotional materials, a freelanced individual with ample experience would be a cost-effective option. Web design should be outsourced to a dedicated web management firm that can continually update and maintain your site.
  • Insurance Agent: You should consult with an insurance agent regarding your liabilities before commencing operations, especially if your business involves one of the following: physical activity, working with children, or significant investments or capital.

As important as these roles are, we at Iron City Executives suggest that you don’t forget to establish a trusted network of peer supporters as well. Every entrepreneur needs someone they can review ideas with or even commiserate. Good luck!