Iron City Executives Shares Techniques for Achieving Work/Life Balance

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17 Apr Iron City Executives Shares Techniques for Achieving Work/Life Balance

Our team members at Iron City Executives are fully aware of how difficult it can be to achieve and maintain a healthy work/life balance. In fact, we believe that the popularity of smartphones has made it more difficult to do so than ever. They distract us when we’re at the office, and tempt us to check our email when we’re at home. However, we’ve recently discovered some promising techniques for improving this balance.

Learn to Say No: Take a step back if you feel that you’re stretched too thin. Before accepting any new offers or invites, ask yourself if you should really commit. If not, politely decline the request. Be sure to express your gratitude, but don’t accept simply out of a desire to please others.
Develop a Rhythm: To avoid allowing your work and home lives to overlap too much, develop a flow in which you focus on work when you’re at the office and unplug when you aren’t. Spend time with friends, take a nap, walk the dog, or anything else that doesn’t involve your professional pursuits.
Balance Friendships: In your career, you’ll probably have plenty of opportunities to meet interesting and exciting people. New friendships will undoubtedly develop. Just be sure to stay connected with your old friends, to whom your work is not tied.
Focus on Achievement: As an ambitious professional, you’re probably quite busy. We at Iron City Executives admit that it’s easy to get caught up in daily demands while losing sight of our ultimate objectives. By focusing instead on your desired outcomes, however, you can eliminate unnecessary tasks and work more efficiently.
We’ve implemented these steps to improve work/life balance, and are happy to attest to their effectiveness. Give them a try!

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