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Iron City Executives is introducing our September 2017 Spotlight, Terry Halligan- Verizon Leader!

What is your greatest strength that you've brought into I.C.E.?

Greatest strength coach able to a system and leadership skills

What skill sets have you acquired from working here?

I've learned that hard work beats talent and to believe in yourself .

Where do you see yourself in five years?

5 years i see myself over seeing dozens of offices threw out the USA.

How has being a part of a team here helped you accomplish your personal goals?

Being apart of a team helped me bc there are tons of young hungry entrepreneurs with great ideas here to help me 2 heads are better than one 1 can affect 1,000 2 can affect 10,000.

What makes your job so rewarding?

What makes my job rewarding is helping develop other young people with a vision and accomplishing their goals.