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Iron City Executives is introducing our October 2017 Spotlight, John Marchese - Verizon Leader!

What is your greatest strength that you've brought into I.C.E.?

The greatest strength I feel I’ve brought to ICE would be my energy! From day 1, ICE has been a fast paced and EXCITING environment, and I am grateful to have the chance to help others grow and become successful in the same way that my leaders and partners have done/are doing for me!

What skill sets have you acquired from working here?

Public speaking, S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting/Accomplishing, Professionalism, Team Building, Effective Communicating, and Active Listening to name a few!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Having already accomplished my most important goal and main focus for starting in this business which is to retire my father. Also, as a Regional or National Manager overseeing MIND M.O.B offices throughout the country! Successful, and in a MUCH different position than I am today – continuing to grow and become a better person every single day.

How has being a part of a team here helped you accomplish your personal goals?

Being part of this team fuels my drive and hunger to grow. I have found a passion inside of myself that I didn’t know existed! I have become more consistent in my habits, I’m holding myself accountable to follow through with what I say I’ll do, I’m back in the gym, waking up earlier and easier than ever before and learning how to manage myself and money effectively! Not to mention, finally understanding the benefits of dressing/acting the position that you see yourself in, instead of the one you’re currently in.

What makes your job so rewarding?

  • Watching/Helping others alongside myself grow, smash goalsand become better people in the process.
  • Being appreciated for the work I do.
  • Knowing that I’m changing my life and becoming more confident each day that I’ll be able to retire my father sooner than later.
  • Being held accountable (for the good AND the bad)
  • Getting paid based off MY work ethic and performance instead of being just another number.
  • The energy that the entire office brings to the table every day – it’s hard to be anything but excited to come into work!
  • The support that I receive from not only my business partners, managers, and mentors, but also from my family.
  • Finally, learning skills and tools that will apply to MANY areas of life, not just for work or for this business.