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Iron City Executives on Communicating Effectively While Being Yourself

Any audience wants to know that their needs and interests are being prioritized, which is why Iron City Executives focuses on engaging customers through targeted research. However, we also realize that customers want to feel like they’re communicating with people – not a company driven solely by profit. In order to be truly compelling, communication needs to come from the real you, and it needs to provide the human touch.

You need to remember the fact that beyond any business considerations, you’re really just a person communicating with other people. Even if you’re creating communication on behalf of a large organization, do your best to preserve a one-on-one feeling.

Connecting with your audience is a bit easier if you learn to write like you talk. We tend to tighten up when sitting behind a keyboard and become overly formal in our language. If you feel that too much formality may be creeping into your communications, try reading your work out loud to make sure it sounds conversational and real.

If you’re writing communication on behalf of your organization, make sure you have a good understanding of the company’s collective voice. Ask yourself what values are upheld within the organization and how they should guide corporate messages. Keep your organization’s unique characteristics in mind and use them to craft distinctive communications.

Applying these strategies can help you reach your intended audience while maintaining a personable tone. At Iron City Executives, we do everything we can to make every customer feel like they’re being catered to without sounding too mechanical or overly formal in the process. We hope these tips can help you do the same.