Iron City Executives Identifies the Biggest Time Wasters in the Office

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27 Mar Iron City Executives Identifies the Biggest Time Wasters in the Office

At Iron City Executives, we know what it’s like to have those days during which it seems impossible to accomplish anything. It can be incredibly frustrating and overwhelming – especially when we’ve been working all day. What happened? Where did the time go?

It turns out that the most seemingly insignificant issues – the random texts, for instance – all add up to become a giant waste of time. Consider the following:

Interruptions: This includes anything that interferes with workflow, such as brief chats with colleagues and unexpected phone calls.

Restarting: Some effort is required to return to what you were doing before you were interrupted. The time it takes to restart will depend on the length of the interruption and the nature of your work.

Loss of Momentum: When you work consistently, you gain momentum and get more productive as you go. It will take a little while to regain this pace after you’ve been distracted.

Redos: When you’ve lost focus due to an interruption, you are more likely to make mistakes. Obviously, fixing them requires some extra time.

Side Effects: This relates to the impact of the interruptions. Examples include irritability and fatigue, and they can remarkably decrease your productivity.

Our team members at Iron City Executives understand that it’s almost impossible to eliminate these distractions entirely, but you can still set a firm boundary and schedule a meaningful portion of each day to be left alone. This means no interruptions, checking social media, or answering phone calls. Aim for a simple period of quiet solitude. Make your colleagues aware of your intentions, and commit yourself to focused work. It’s a great way to reclaim valuable hours!

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