Iron City Executives Discuss the Perfect Handshake

Iron City Executives - Handshake in the city

13 Mar Iron City Executives Discuss the Perfect Handshake

Shaking someone’s hand upon being introduced is a gesture that just about everyone understands. No matter how natural it seems, however, we at Iron City Executives find the custom intriguing. It’s an act that takes only about three seconds, yet it has the power to make or break a first impression.

An average handshake may not be very memorable, but the best of them and the worst of them certainly are. No one wants to be remembered for a limp, clammy handshake, or a bone-crushing one. We’d like to explain how you can stick in someone’s mind based on a firm, confident greeting.

First, make sure you maintain eye contact and smile. Also lean forward a bit, and keep your forearm and wrist firm. The best shake will come from the elbow. Your grip should be light, but provide some pressure. Keep your fingers close together to ensure that you can anchor your hand between the thumb and forefinger of your new acquaintance, and avoid any contact past the palm of his or her hand. Also be sure to avoid the following:

The Barbie Handshake: There is no clasping involved here. Instead, the fingers rigidly point forward.

The Old Aunt: This involves a slight squeeze of the fingertips, with no palm contact whatsoever.

The Standoff: This is the handshake of the wills. Neither party wants to part first, so it goes on far too long.

The Weird Uncle: No palm contact here. This is more of a grip and shake of wrists.

The Tough Guy: As its name implies, this handshake is far too aggressive. In fact, it’s almost painful.

Our team members at Iron City Executives suggest that you practice your handshake with a friend or family member so that you’re prepared for your next important introduction.

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