Iron City Executives Describes the Impact of Being Mentally Present

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10 Apr Iron City Executives Describes the Impact of Being Mentally Present

Like us at Iron City Executives, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the attachments so many people have developed with their mobile devices. Simply standing on the sidewalk of a busy street will afford you countless opportunities to see individuals of almost all ages slowly walking along with their heads down. They usually don’t bother looking left or right, and certainly not forward.

Perhaps these folks are texting, emailing, reading their social media pages, or perusing news articles. What they definitely aren’t doing is embracing the moment. Instead of looking around and enjoying the sights, smells, and sounds that surround them, they’ve mentally relocated. They probably aren’t thinking about how lovely the warm sun on their skin feels, or whether the chilly breeze is a sign of rain, either.

We know this because many of us at Iron City Executives do the exact same thing, and perhaps you do as well. Instead of missing out on so much life, we’re trying to focus on presence of mind. In other words, we focus on work when we’re supposed to be working. When we’re not working, we try not to think about it. When we’re with our families, we think about how much fun our children are or the amazing support our significant others offer.

Preoccupation – whether it is or isn’t related to an electronic device – robs people of their abilities to do good work, meet new people, relax, and enjoy life in general. We invite you to put down your phones and join us in our commitment to being mentally present.

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